Benefits of Composting…


Benefits of Composting…


Healthy soil equates to healthy plants and healthy grass. Compost, which is a naturally occurring process, enhances soil health by improving its structure and increasing its nutrient content.

REDUCE WASTE: Enviro-Smart Organics Ltd. diverts thousands of metric tonnes from our landfills to create our premium composted products.

REDUCE PATHOGENS; The products go through our fermentation building, the high temperatures generated by the decomposition kills any bacteria, weeds or other harmful bacteria.

REDUCE GREENHOUSE GASES: Our aerobic static pile method of composting reduces greenhouse gases that would otherwise be expelled into the environment.

REDUCE COSTLY FERTILIZERS: Enviro-Smart Organics’ top quality composted products provide a rich source of nutrients which act as a natural slow-release fertilizer. The compost also helps retain soil moisture levels. This reduces the high costs of hazardous fertilizers and other non-friendly herbicides which is a benefit to each of us and our environment.

RECLAMATION OF RIVER SAND: Our composted products are mixed with river sand that is locally dredged as part of the Fraser River sediment reclamation operations designed to maintain navigational channels.

REDUCE WATER: The organic fibers in our products reduce water consumption while retaining moisture, nutrients and help provide proper drainage for plant and microbial growth. This helps prevent overflow of water, run-off or evaporation during peak summer weather conditions. This helps reduce water consumption and conserve water which is a priority for each of us.

Posted by Mandy  Posted on 07 Jun