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About Our Cleaners and Caretakers

We have a meticulous hiring process. We screen, conduct interviews, perform reference checks, and obtain background or security checks when required with the objective of hiring the very best cleaning and building management staff in the industry. Some candidates get frustrated having to come back up to four times to interview but we want to be completely certain we have the right person for the right position. Once a candidate is hired, they go through a thorough, basic training program before they are placed in your building.

About Training

At Cleantech, our staff are not assigned to buildings without proper training. All staff enter our Cleantech Training Program, taught in our training room at Home Office, for conceptual theory pertaining to cleaning, safety, chemicals, and building management. During the training, staff have the opportunity to put the theory to work on every imaginable surface showing competency and thoroughness. It is a commitment we have made to be the best in the industry by ensuring our staff receive the training necessary to be successful.


Available Positions

There are no positions available at this time.