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Like you, we are concerned about the spread of COVID-19; both for its potential health implications, and the impact of fear on psychological, interpersonal and economic qualities of daily life. We don’t want to feed any panic about the current situation, but we are also aware that our actions affect others, and that everyone is in […]

Prime Minister Trudeau speaks to importance of staying home to allow essential staff to continue their work in a safer environment. Also speaks to the important people who help keep our country running – our custodial staff are among them. #keep #people #safe Watch the video

April 21, 2020: Latest Update to COVID-19 Response here. To our valued customer,   As a responsible organization in the Janitorial service industry for over 2 decades, everyone at Cleantech Service Group is continuously monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We will be updating the content on this page as information becomes available to us to […]

Latest cleaner accolades

September 10, 2019 | Accolades

Thanks Michael, and by the way our new cleaner at the site is doing an awesome job thus far with compliments from the users at the site. Government of Canada Client

While this year’s final list of 100 has not been chosen yet, we are excited to be in the running and on the short list. We await the final announcement which will be published in a special magazine in the Globe and Mail on November 22, 2019. Wish us luck!

Fantastic Cleaner

July 22, 2019 | Accolades, Blog

“Just wanted to convey as with the email J*** received from one of our sections  as well as the rest of the site that our new cleaner is doing a fantastic job thus far, refreshing to receive compliments on the cleaning at the site.”

Working on a great RFP where the client has stipulated wage rates (good ones) for cleaners who work on their site. #fairwages So pleased that building owners/managers are starting to understand that better paid staff work harder and stay employed longer.

Hi Tammy, I would like to pass along the owner’s appreciation on the window cleaning which was recently done. The crew did an amazing job. Please make sure the message is passed along to them. Resident – The Crescent

“DRIVE” FOR LOCAL HEALTH CARE RAISES $288,000 (NET) AT RICHMOND HOSPITAL FOUNDATION’S GOLF TOURNAMENT Richmond, B.C. – Community spirit and fundraising came together as donors, sponsors and community champions united for day of golf, fun and philanthropy to improve local health care at Richmond Hospital Foundation’s Golf Tournament presented by River Green by ASPAC on […]