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Care Facilities

With a half dozen care homes under contract for several years, we know exactly what the demands are in the resident rooms, the common areas, the laundry room, the kitchens, the dining areas, the showers, the sitting areas and the game rooms. With Vulnerable Sector Check security clearance we are uniquely positioned to clean the site and care for the residence with friendly cleaning staff.


Did You Know?

Started in 1996 by two brothers with an entrepeneurial flair for washing window screens of cars waiting for ferry departures, Cleantech has evolved into a full service commercial cleaning company which today offers a broad spectrum of services.

What Our Customers Say


I cannot say enough about how pleased we are of the service we have received since moving to our new building.  The attention to detail and the patience Maria and our two cleaners have shown has been tremendous. Any request that I have has been accepted and acted upon right away.  We have many specific cleaning requests that are time consuming and picky but our cleaning team does not hesitate and gets the job done. After our Open House a number of staff (including the President) mentioned how proud they were of how great the office looked.

Health Care Facility – Office Manager