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We Specialize in High Rise Luxury Buildings

Cleantech services nearly 140 Sky Scrapers in Vancouver. Some of the most prestigious downtown buildings trust us to service their locations by providing consistent and reliable cleaning. We also provide certified Caretakers or Building Managers for the Top to Bottom Building Management approach for Property Managers and Strata Councils. We can handle your entire site: Interior and Exterior.


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Did You Know?

Started in 1996 by two brothers with an entrepeneurial flair for washing window screens of cars waiting for ferry departures, Cleantech has evolved into a full service commercial cleaning company which today offers a broad spectrum of services.

What Our Customers Say


Strata Council met last week & all Council members (unsolicited) had positive comments about your cleaner and the difference he has made to our condo! He has worked hard to bring the site back to the standard we desire and believe we deserve. This has been noted by Council members and many owners/residents.

Strata Building – Strata Council President