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Why Cleantech?

We realize you have choices. Combine that with the fact that we are competitive and known for our commitment to service and you end up with a vendor able to handle anything building related. If you prefer a one-stop shop approach Cleantech can proactively handle all your requests and keep your building clean!


What Do You Need?

At Cleantech we are a “Full Service” company as it relates to Buildings, therefore please feel free to inquire about anything to do with your building; inside and out. If we do not have the answers you are inquiring about, we most certainly know a reliable vendor in the industry, from our extensive list of qualified vendors, who does.

Did You Know?

Started in 1996 by two brothers with an entrepeneurial flair for washing window screens of cars waiting for ferry departures, Cleantech has evolved into a full service commercial cleaning company which today offers a broad spectrum of services.

What Our Customers Say


I’m sending you some comments regarding the services. Cleantech has provided cleaning to our Strata at xxxx  in Fort Langley for the last several years. Firstly I would like to mention that as the council member responsible for maintenance I have been very satisfied with the overall work done by your staff. Second, I appreciate your timely response and involvement when the occasional problem has occured. I would not hesitate to recommend Cleantech to other potential clients. Thanks again.

Strata Building – Strata Council Member


I wanted to express my satisfaction with Jaswinder’s service and our building cleaners as well. Can’t ask for better service than what is already provided.

Strata Building – Concierge


Good afternoon, thank you for your commitment to XXXX XXX, we appreciated your work to reinstall the best condition in our building.  Council noticed that there are major differences, before and after. we are all very happy with the work from Cleantech.

We also received good comments from residents with satisfaction and confident in Cleantech. Please keep up the good work.

Strata Building – Strata Council Member


We’re happy with your team’s work and appreciate your frequent communication which is really quite helpful. Thanks for staying on top of things.

Strata Building – Council Member


Best window cleaning I’ve seen here in 15 years. Fantastic.

Strata Building – Tenant


Thanks again for the guys doing our power washing … great job and in fact I am thinking of getting your lead guy back to do our gutters so let me know how to arrange.  He is an exceptional representative for you guys and very careful.

Office Building – Tenant