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What makes Cleantech different than our competitors is we are trusted in the industry and are leaders in innovation which increases our consistency and reliability. We are transparent with our clients and have a high level of integrity. Our Quality Assurance program has 5 levels of internal quality control inspections with feedback

Quality Assurance Audit

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Audits are an important level of internal inspections that Cleantech uses to ensure our own internal quality control measures. At Cleantech our minimum acceptable building inspections score is 85% out of 100%. Our QA Auditor is visiting buildings quarterly to perform this 90 step audit to insure that Cleantech is performing with inspection scores above 85% otherwise, QA informs the Interior Division of the found deficiencies to have them corrected immediately!

5 Levels of Internal Cleaning Inspections

We demand quality from everyone working as Cleaners at Cleantech! This is proven by our commitment to five levels of inspections compared to our competitors that barely do one level of inspection! Because this is a big part of what differentiates us from our competition we won’t go into detail here but feel free to send an email with the Subject Heading of “% Levels” and we will reply with all the details for you to see what we mean.


APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) is a janitorial cleaning standard that was created by the Academic Community to insure that cleaning standards for schools and institutions was extremely high quality, eliminating germs, dirt and clutter so students were both healthy and in an environment to learn that was clean and tidy. The Residential and Commercial building community has not universally adopted this standard but we at Cleantech have in the spirit that all buildings are germ free, free of dirt and grime, and are clean and tidy.

How we “Start” a New Contract?

At Cleantech, when we take over a building, or start at a brand new building, we realize it can be two months before we intimately understand the site and it’s needs. With that in mind we accelerate the number of visits in month one to weekly visits and in month two we visit two additional times, so the total number of visits or inspections is six in the first two months. Then at month three we begin our routine monthly inspections.



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Did You Know?

Started in 1996 by two brothers with an entrepeneurial flair for washing window screens of cars waiting for ferry departures, Cleantech has evolved into a full service commercial cleaning company which today offers a broad spectrum of services.

What Our Customers Say


Thanks again for the guys doing our power washing … great job and in fact I am thinking of getting your lead guy back to do our gutters so let me know how to arrange.  He is an exceptional representative for you guys and very careful.

Office Building – Tenant


Strata Council met last week & all Council members (unsolicited) had positive comments about your cleaner and the difference he has made to our condo! He has worked hard to bring the site back to the standard we desire and believe we deserve. This has been noted by Council members and many owners/residents.

Strata Building – Strata Council President


I just wanted to say Thank you for looking after that in such short notice. The two women you sent were just fantastic. I really didn’t think on such short notice you would be able to get someone out there so again its appreciated.

Commercial Building – Caretaker Relief


I cannot say enough about how pleased we are of the service we have received since moving to our new building.  The attention to detail and the patience Maria and our two cleaners have shown has been tremendous. Any request that I have has been accepted and acted upon right away.  We have many specific cleaning requests that are time consuming and picky but our cleaning team does not hesitate and gets the job done. After our Open House a number of staff (including the President) mentioned how proud they were of how great the office looked.

Health Care Facility – Office Manager


We’re happy with your team’s work and appreciate your frequent communication which is really quite helpful. Thanks for staying on top of things.

Strata Building – Council Member


Good afternoon, thank you for your commitment to XXXX XXX, we appreciated your work to reinstall the best condition in our building.  Council noticed that there are major differences, before and after. we are all very happy with the work from Cleantech.

We also received good comments from residents with satisfaction and confident in Cleantech. Please keep up the good work.

Strata Building – Strata Council Member

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